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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 5 2001 9:38pm
Subject:finding the path and filenames for a table
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>>>>> "DAVE" == DAVE THOMAS <DAVET@stripped> writes:

DAVE> I am trying to create a file in the directory that the .frm, .MYI, and .MYD
DAVE> files are located for a particular table. I can create the file by
DAVE> hard-coding the path and specifying a filename but I need to be able to
DAVE> create the file in the folder of the database the table belongs to. How do I
DAVE> get the path that the database files are located? and the database name?

Why would you ever need to store a file in the database directory?
Normally this should not be done as this hampers MySQL ability to
create/destroy databases.

To do this, you must know the database name yourself.

You can get the base of the MySQL data directory with

'mysqladmin variables | grep datadir'

You can get the name of all databases with 'mysqlshow'

To know the directory, just concatenate the data directory with the
datababase name.


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