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From:Alan van den Bosch Date:October 31 2000 3:32am
Subject:ha_berkeley.[ch] files
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I read in one of the mysql mailling lists a message regarding transaction 
support posted by Monty. IIRC the message was posted around 2000-10-11 and 
suggested that transaction support would be available in downloadable 
binaries (at that time) in two to four weeks, this was due to the sleepycat 
tables always requiring a primary key and some heavy inhouse testing.

I Downloaded the src tarballs for and 
db-3.2.3b.tar.gz had had a poke around slq/ha_berkeley.[ch] and the db.h 
files. I've the impression that transaction support has been successfully 
compiled and tested to a degree. However, there are references to a member of 
the DB type (__DB struct) that doesnt exist in that structure, but is a 
member of the DBT type ( does app_private ring any bells? ). An expample of 
this is the berkley_cmp_packed_key() function in ha_berkeley.c

Is there a more recent version of the ha_berkeley.[ch] files that will 
compile ? I've tried to use bitkeeper to get the dev source tree, following 
the instructions in the mysql manual, and ended up with lots of revision 
control/log related files - but none of the source files. I've also tried the 
sourceforge CVS repository but it appears not to be up and running (access 
denied) for joe public.


Alan van den Bosch
Sanguis Pty Ltd

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ha_berkeley.[ch] filesAlan van den Bosch31 Oct
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