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From:Thimble Smith Date:September 28 2000 6:18pm
Subject:Re: porting to Darwin/Mac OS X
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On Thu, Sep 28, 2000 at 09:15:29AM -0700, Chris Meyer wrote:
> Hi Monty,
> >Wht is the difference between the thread implementation in rhapsody
> >and darwin;  As you know, MySQL compiles and works on rhapsodi.
> Darwin has a POSIX IEEE 1003.1c pthreads implementation. I don't know 
> enough about the standard to know if Darwin complies 100% but 'POSIX 
> IEEE 1003.1c' is documented in the headers... Again, I think 
> pthread_kill is not included in that spec.

> +#define pthread_sigmask(A,B,C) sigprocmask((A),(B),(C))
> +#define pthread_kill(A,B) pthread_dummy(0)
> +#define pthread_condattr_init(A) pthread_dummy(0)
> +#define pthread_condattr_destroy(A) pthread_dummy(0)
> +#define pthread_signal(A,B) pthread_dummy(0)
> +#undef sigset
> +#define sigset(A,B) pthread_signal((A),(void (*)(int)) (B))
> +#endif

Are you sure that all of those functions are not available?
They're all part of POSIX 1003.1c.  Maybe Darwin's support is not
quite complete....

Can you send us a copy of your /usr/include/pthread.h, and any
important headers that it includes that might be related to the
pthread support?  Also, does your gcc man page have any info on
local changes made to support threads?  What version of gcc is

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