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From:Michael Widenius Date:May 21 2001 1:14am
Subject:Re: The OLEDB Provider and data transfer
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>>>>> "Sinisa" == Sinisa Milivojevic <sinisa@stripped> writes:

Sinisa> Moscoso Cam Ernesto Carlos wrote:
>> Hello!
>> Can anyone please explain me how  -in the most basic level- the OLEDB
>> provider interacts with the client-library to get data? Does it makes a call
>> of an exported function C++? What characteristics does a client-side net
>> library require in order to interact with an OLEDB Provider?
>> Does the server-side net library reside in the same process as the MySQL
>> main program? If not, how does it comunicate with the request for data to
>> the data engine?
>> Where I can find the entry-point of MySQL main program?
>> Hope that you can help me.
>> On best regards,
>> Ernesto Moscoso Cam,
>> Lima, Peru
Sinisa> Hi!

Sinisa> MySQL client server protocol is not based on OLEDB scheme.


I just wanted to add to Sinisa's comments that there exist an OLEDB
driver for MySQL; You can find this in the Contrib section on our
download page.

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