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From:Michael Widenius Date:May 18 2001 2:42pm
Subject:MySQL new GUI
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>>>>> "Miguel" == Miguel Dias Teodoro Junior <MiguelD@stripped>
> writes:

Miguel> Hi,

Miguel> I'm developing a new GUI for MySQL cause the one MySQLGUI doesn't fit 
Miguel> my expectations. My GUI have an inteface that let's the user create 
Miguel> and modify MySQL tables with a graphical interface without using 
Miguel> "CREATE TABLE". I got most of the information on MySQL docs, like 
Miguel> which field types the user can use for a field. MySQL doesn't have 
Miguel> FK? I could implement that on my GUI. At first I'm making it on 
Miguel> Delphi for win32. I could use JAVA instead, but now with Kylix for 
Miguel> linux I'll keep it on Delphi cause it's much more easy. So, do 
Miguel> you have any information or tips of how can I meke a real cool GUI? 
Miguel> What users of MySQL complain the most? I really like MySQL and my 
Miguel> objective is to make the best administration tool for it. I could use 
Miguel> some icons and splash screens of yours, cause I'm really bad on 
Miguel> drawing such things. Oh, I was studing how to grant privileges and I 
Miguel> found a lot of tables and fields to controls privileges. Can you tell 
Miguel> me how this tables and fields works? Thanks. I'll send a copy for you 
Miguel> guys as soon as I finish some things... Thanks for the attention and 
Miguel> I hope you can help me.

Before you start; We are here at MySQL AB developing a new GUI (not
based on the old mysqlgui) that is based on QT3 and will run on most
platforms. This GUI will have a standard interface that can load
modules on demand.  Instead of writing everything from scratch, would
you like to join us with this?

If not, John can probably mail you some specifications that a nice GUI
should have.

When handing privileges, you should check out the GRANT statement and
use this instead of accessing the tables directly (if possible).

MySQL new GUIMichael Widenius18 May