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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 19 2003 10:26am
Subject:libmysql compatibility
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>>>>> "Georg" == Georg Richter <georg@stripped> writes:

Georg> Hello,
Georg> I want to replace php's bundled libmysql 3.23 with libmysql 4.1 in PHP5. This 
Georg> will only work, if libmysql 4.1 is BC to older versions, cause we have to 
Georg> support versions > 3.22. Cause lot of things changed in libmysql 4.1 I'm not
Georg> sure if this will work...

The MySQL C client code in 4.1 is 100 % backward compatible back to
3.22.  (We have always put a lot of effort into making things backward

There should be no problem in switching PHP to use the 4.1 library by default.

The only thing I can think of is that you have to give an error to the
user if they try to issue an multi line statement or prepared
statements against a 4.0 server.

This can easily be verified by checking if

mysql->server_capabilites & CLIENT_PROTOCOL_41

is true after you have connected.  If not, then the above commands
will not work.  (The server should give an error message if multi line
statements or prepared statements is used).


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