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From:Michael Widenius Date:May 2 2001 1:36pm
Subject:Replication problem
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>>>>> "Gabriel" == Gabriel Corneanu
> <gabriel.corneanu@stripped> writes:

Gabriel> Hello,
Gabriel> I'm sorry if this does not belong to the list, but I have no answer from
Gabriel> other lists. I will only ask it once:

In the future, please use the general mysql@stripped for
questions that doesn't involve the developing MySQL.

Gabriel> The manual says that replication should work with TIMESTAMP. What does
Gabriel> this mean? When I replicate (with binary logs) a table with such a
Gabriel> field, the values on the slave is different (because of time
Gabriel> difference).
Gabriel> I saw that the update log has some "set timestamp=..." statement for
Gabriel> this issue, but the binary log not.
Gabriel> Is this OK or a bug?
Gabriel> (mysql version 3.23.33)

The binary log in 3.23.34 also has the timestamp.

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