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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 2 2001 10:03am
Subject:Re: Perl + Mysql
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>>>>> "Dana" == Dana Prescott Kennedy Powers
> <dana@stripped> writes:

Dana> Ive been thinking a bit about the cleanest way to integrate an embedded
Dana> interpreter and mysqld.
Dana> My plan right now is to a enable 'CREATE FUNCTION my_func
Dana> RETURNS STRING PERL_NAME "";'. The mysql.func table would be
Dana> modified to add an additional column set in sql_yacc.yy, lang_type (other
Dana> ideas?), which would indicate how the udf should be loaded - either using
Dana> dlopen() ( currently the only option ), or by passing it off to an interpreter
Dana> ( perl here ). Then we modify UDF_INIT to also include the function name and the
Dana> dl path, so that the interpreter can load the appropriate file when necessary.
Dana> This hopefully will leave almost all of the current udf code untouched, with the
Dana> exception of the dlopen() and dlclose() calls - and shouldnt break existing udf
Dana> functions.

Dana> Thoughts?
Dana> dpk

Sounds like the right way to do this.

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