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From:Dana Prescott Kennedy Powers Date:April 2 2001 7:29am
Subject:Re: Perl + Mysql
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Ive been thinking a bit about the cleanest way to integrate an embedded
interpreter and mysqld.
My plan right now is to a enable 'CREATE FUNCTION my_func
RETURNS STRING PERL_NAME "";'. The mysql.func table would be
modified to add an additional column set in sql_yacc.yy, lang_type (other
ideas?), which would indicate how the udf should be loaded - either using
dlopen() ( currently the only option ), or by passing it off to an interpreter
( perl here ). Then we modify UDF_INIT to also include the function name and the
dl path, so that the interpreter can load the appropriate file when necessary.
This hopefully will leave almost all of the current udf code untouched, with the
exception of the dlopen() and dlclose() calls - and shouldnt break existing udf
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