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From:Dana Prescott Kennedy Powers Date:March 30 2001 7:45pm
Subject:Perl + Mysql
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Ive been working for a while on embedding perl in the mysql server, and
Im wondering how interested anyone is in formalizing the code and
potentially merging it with the main codebase. Ive added a --with-perl
extention to configure which creates a unique perl interpreter space for
each connection. I added a function which will eval a perl expression
using extra arguments as stack values ( ie. select
perl('reverse($_[0]);', table1.column1); ). I have convinced myself that
creating a perl extention ( similar to mod_perl's relationship to
mysql ) is possible - Ive done it ;) - and can be done in a clean and
stable way.

More dramatic things which I havent implemented:
Extention to CREATE FUNCTION which will load perl scripts instead of
dynamic libraries.
Extention to CREATE FUNCTION which allows inline function definition and
Mysql Connection API module which would allow perl to create new
connections and issue queries with them ( ? )
A more extensible embedded interpreter api ( perhaps for python or
javascript etc ).

I was a very active participant on the mysql mailing lists about a year
ago, and I recall someone sending a lone message about wanting to try
something like this - it actually prompted me to try it. Anyway, im not
sure if this has been done or discussed, but let me know what you guys
As usual the benefit of perl is not necessarily speed of code, but speed
of coding.


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