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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 26 2001 10:44am
Subject:MySQL BeOS port
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Yannick> Hi,

Yannick> 	I heard through Be News that you're looking for MySQL BeOS developers. 
Yannick> I'd like to give it a try, I've been working on Mozilla in the past 2 
Yannick> years and I'm looking for something different MySQL is certainly different.

This would be real nice!  We have got a lot of questions from BeOS
about MySQL, but unfortunately we don't have anyone that can BeOS good
enough to try to do the port.

Yannick> 	I'll need source/build instruction pointers (pretty sure those are 
Yannick> included inside the public package) but I heard it was already 80% 
Yannick> ported therefore there must be a BeOS package or was that the ANSI part?

The 80 % ported is for the original (ANSI C++) source;  MySQL is normally
easy to port to any OS that supports C++ and threads.

Please download the newest MySQL 3.23.35 (or 3.23.36 later today) and
take a look of what's involved.  If you have any questions, feel free
to post to internals@stripped and we will try to help you with

MySQL BeOS portMichael Widenius26 Mar