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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 13 2001 8:17pm
Subject:MySQL parallel server
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>>>>> "Denis" == Denis Pithon <denis.pithon@stripped> writes:

Denis> Hi,
Denis> Today, I answer to myself :)
>> "2 clients is using or hasn't closed the table properly." 

Denis> Denis, _please_ read the manual (chapter 8.1) which said:
Denis> There is a flag in the MyISAM file that indicates whether or not the table
Denis> was closed correctly. 

Denis> I think, it may help me. Recently, I've read that B-tree have their root
Denis> node in memory (read from the disk only _once_, at start, and updated to
Denis> disk when needed). Is it true for MyISAM tables ? It could be a real
Denis> problem (in cluster context) if root node is not read before any access.
MyISAM keeps a lot of statics in in the first block for each MyISAM
file. This block will be read after each issued file lock and updated
before any file lock is released.

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