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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 11 2001 4:59pm
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>>>>> "Esther" == Esther Abeln <esther_abeln@stripped> writes:

Esther> Hi,
Esther> I am interested in helping you develop MySQL. Could you give me an idea what
> needs to be done, and what kind of skills you are looking for?

Thanks for the offer to help!

Would you like to work on the MySQL client (We have a team working on
creating a nice modular MySQL GUI client with QT) or would you like to
work on the MySQL server (or something else)?

The basic technical skill we need is a very good understanding in C
and a basic understanding of C++.  To do any advanced work on the
MySQL server one should also understand Posix threads.

The other skill anyone working on MySQL should have is to be able to
work with a minimal of guidance.  If you want to do something, you
should first submit a spec to us.  We would comment it and also offer
suggestions of how to improve it.  After that you can ask for help and
clarification by email from time to time, but most of the time you
would be on your own.  Do you think you can handle this?

We are working on getting the MySQL code documented, but it will
probably take a long time until this is done as we don't have anyone
working full time on this.

The MySQL manual has a TODO section of things that needs to be done in
the server.  Can you check if you can find anything interesting in it
that you would like to do?

If you have any other ideas of things to implement that MySQL would
critically need, please email us about this!


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