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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 10 2001 4:12pm
Subject:Setting a specific default value
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>>>>> "Jamie" == Jamie S Buchanan <jsb@stripped> writes:

Jamie> Hello all,
Jamie> I'm a third year uni student in Scotland doing a year long project which
Jamie> invloves a fair amount of MySQL. I have the following problem and would be
Jamie> appreciative if I could get some advice on solving it:

Jamie> - in the script I run to create a table how do I code one DateTime field
Jamie> to intially be set to a value of another DateTime field?

Sorry, you can't do that.  You have to do that in your application

Jamie> More specifically, I have two DateTime fields (A and B), I populate my
Jamie> database using a script in which I want to state a value for A but state
Jamie> nothing for B. I then want MySQL to set the value of B to be the same as
Jamie> that of A, but later on I want to change B independantly to a different
Jamie> value than A.

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