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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 7 2001 9:36pm
Subject:BDB: Unsupported Log version?
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>>>>> "Jeremy" == Jeremy Hansen <jeremy@stripped> writes:

Jeremy> I'm using the latest BDB available from, 3.2.9a.  I'm receiving
Jeremy> this error when bring mysql up:

Jeremy> 010307  5:57:46  bdb:  Ignoring log file: /vol0/mysql_data/log.0000000003:
Jeremy> unsupported log version 3
Jeremy> 010307 05:57:46  mysqld ended

Jeremy> Was there a format change between 3.2.3h and 3.2.9a?

Not that I know of, but it could be possible that Sleepycat changed
the log file format without telling us that :(

What you should do now is:

- Remove all log.000* files
- Do a mysqldump --opt of your bdb tables
- drop the DB tables
- reload the dump

Sorry for the problem;  We shall try in the future add warnings if
BDB changes the log file format !

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