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From:Christian Rabe Date:October 26 2000 8:32am
Subject:Re: A suggestion on Replication
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To 1: To accomplish this, you have to disable the lines 926-933 in the
sql/ (3.23.26)
To 2: This is already the case. Only successful master-querys are logged.
There are 3 cases, so far I know, when the
        slave gets a query to break on.
        First: there are Tables on the master that are not on the slave and
you write to them.
        Second: You use temporary tables,which are not temporary on the
slave and therefore not deletet afterward.
        So the Slave breaks the moment you try to recreate it on the master.
        In this two cases the command "SET SQL_LOG_BIN = 0" can help you,
which switches the logging off.

        Third: You make a flush slave without a former flush master. The
slave reads
        then all existing logfiles anew which can lead to problems with
duplicate entries on the slave and BANG!

I too had to use the dirty way of disabling the error with the drawback that
when there really is an error you won't notice it.


Christian "Maverick" Rabe
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From: Wei He
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Subject: A suggestion on Replication


According to my experience, the replication will be broken when the slave
executes a error sql command. Can this be changed to:

1. The slave ignores the error and continues the replication;
2. The master only bin-logs sql commands that succeed.

Wei He

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