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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 4 2001 7:21pm
Subject:Berkeley DB 3.2.9
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>>>>> "mysql-internals" == mysql-internals 
> <mysql-internals@stripped> writes:

mysql-internals> Any plans for the next MySQL release to build against Berkeley DB
mysql-internals> 3.2.9 when compiled with --with-berkeley-db?

We can't use the standard BDB release as we have added a couple of
critical extensions to BDB to get it to work better with MySQL;  We
have submitted the patches to Sleepycat, but we don't know yet if they
will accept these.

We plan to add the Berkeley DB source to the MySQL source distribution
just to make things simpler in the future;  The next version should be
based in the 3.2.9 version + our patches.

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