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From:sasha Date:October 24 2000 12:29pm
Subject:Re: Shared Memory.
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Tobias Rundström wrote:
> Hello MySQL developers. I have a question about the MYSQL* struct.
> I am trying to build a connection pool daemon for mysql, a program that
> should handle all connections to my mysql server and then share them to
> program (in this case a cgi script).
> To do this I compiled libmm and wanted to send the struct over with unix
> sockets. But the struct contains pointers to other memory adresses. What I
> know need is a way to copy the struct in to my shared memory struct and I
> wonder if there are any better way to do this then to do it manualy?

In order to share a connection you must stay in the same process - so using
shared memory will not work even if you copy all the data structures. 

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