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From:Paul DuBois Date:October 8 2002 9:34pm
Subject:Re: Question about --ansi and --sql-mode
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At 17:20 -0500 10/7/02, Paul DuBois wrote:
>In 4.0.0, the NO_UNSIGNED_SUBTRACTION flag was added for --sql-mode.
>However, it was not added to the flags turned on by --ansi, which
>otherwise seems to be short hand for "everything that --sql-mode
>turns on".
>Is this deliberate, or an oversight?

As both Peter and Sinisa have pointed out to me, this particular
option is for 3.23 compatibility, not ANSI compatibility.  And
they were both nice enough not to point out dumb my question was!

In retrospect, the manual is pretty clear that this option pertains
to 3.23 compatibiltiy.  I read that, but for some reason completely
failed to grasp it.  Guess I was trying too hard to draw the connection
between --ansi and --sql_mode.
Question about --ansi and --sql-modePaul DuBois8 Oct
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