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From:Christian Rabe Date:October 24 2000 10:27am
Subject:Re: Replication
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>> There are surely no updates on the slave. We started developing on one DB
>> (now Master) and
>> later added the Slaves and redirected all selects to them.
>> In the error-log it says...
>> Error reading packet from server: Lost connection to MySQL server during
>> query (0)
>> ...and this every 60 seconds
>> Error reading packet from server: bogus data in log event (0)

>That is a bug, in fact, I have a pretty good idea which one, we fixed it in
>3.23.26 - if the query is long enough and you have high load, the slave
>read a log event partially because of a mutex bug - the binlog dump thread
>not acquiring the binlog mutex when reading log events - so if a log event
>short enough to be written atomically, this was ok, but otherwise, the
>would get confused, drop the connection, and then re-open it - by that time
>event in question was already fully in the log, so this was not fatal, just
>performance degrading.

>If 3.23.26 does not fix this, let us know - it would be nice if you had a
>case we can run, but if not, we can still try to figure something out.
>at least has better diagnostic about partial fail log even reads, so it
>be easier to debug ( although we hope we won't have to do it).

Unfortunately the error is not reproducible.
As soon as I have any idea what the cause for this error is I will tell you.
Since 3.23.26 it happends only one to two times a week (3.23.25 every day;)


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