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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 11 2002 11:40am
Subject:SHOW command - feature request.
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First, the address support@stripped is a dedicated email list for
MySQL users that has paid for MySQL support.

Questions/suggestions like this is best sent to the free email
list internals@stripped;  I have forward your eamil, with some
comments, to this list.

>>>>> "Yakov" == Yakov Sudeikin <yashka@stripped> writes:

Yakov> Hi there at MySQL HQ!
Yakov> First thanks a lot for having such a great product as MySQL! And having it's for
> free is also very cool!


Yakov> I develop a complicated system using MySQL as a database server. And I heavily
> use SHOW commands. SHOW INDEXES, SHOW COLUMNS etc.

Yakov> I request for this feature: all SHOW commands should have WHERE or probably
> HAVING clause. I do not know will that conform to any SQL standards, but obviously that
> would be very convenient!


We have on our TODO to extend all SHOW columns to have support for
specifying which columns you want to return, expressions on these, the
WHERE clause and ORDER BY.

We have not 100 % agreed on the syntax for these, but it will be
specified before we start to implement this in 4.1 or 5.0.  We
probably will both support 'virtual tables' for the different SHOW
command and extended SHOW syntax. (The later because it will be much
easier to remember).


Yakov> Well that's all. Also I have a little request for SIZE OF command. I would like
> to type 


Yakov> and see that the size in bytes is 4;


Yakov> Or the size in bytes (or bits) could be a column in SHOW COLUMNS result.

I would prefer to add this as a separate column in SHOW COLUMNS.


Yakov> Another idea (this is last one) is to have a "FLAG" column.

Yakov> Like this:

Yakov> CREATE TABLE filesystem (dir flag, root_r flag, root_w flag, root_r flag,
> group_r flag, group_w flag, group_x flag, other_r flag, other_w flag, other_x flag);

Yakov> FLAG is something alike BOOLEAN. But all flags are gouped that way that 1 to 8
> flags will occupy only one byte. up to 32 flags will occupy up to 4 bytes. The flag also
> may have a possibility to represent more that two conditions. For instance:

Yakov> CREATE TABLE orders (......., order_status flag(4), order_importance flag(6));

Yakov> 4 and 6 in example above represent the number of possible conditions of the
> flag. The order_status flag will occupy 2 bits, and order_importance will occupy 3 bits.
> They together will fit into one byte.

Yakov> With this ability MySQL will be able to save us a lot of disc and memory space!

Our plan is to instead support add in 4.1 support for the BIT type,
which will make things like this possible:

CREATE TABLE orders (......., order_status bit(4), order_importance bit(6));

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