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From:Paul Cadach Date:January 31 2001 5:26pm
Subject:Re: MySQL Connection Handle & IPC
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Subject: MySQL Connection Handle & IPC

> Anyone have any ideas on how to store/retrieve an mysql
connection handle
> (object?) via shmget and friends? (in C of course)
> I have been playing with IPC some and I would think that I
should be able to
> store an open connection handle in shared mem and go back
and get it later,
> stat it and use this reasonable and can it be

It's impossible because MySQL object contains real
connection's file descriptor which is private for its opened

I think you must write a connection daemon which gets
queries over IPC and sends them to MySQL (and gets results
from MySQL and stores it in shared memory), plus some
inter-process communications... Do you really requires IPC?
As I think this IPC communication will be more slow than
existing scheme or, at least, not faster.


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