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From:ravi Date:October 21 2000 10:36am
Subject:MySQL 3.23.10 Help
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Hi Everybody,

    The Mysql version I am using is 3.23.10 alpha on Redhat Linux 6.0

    I keep getting this error "Warning: Supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result
resource in
searchresult.php3 file on line 98". This error I found maily comes when the result of my
database search is
greater than 3000 approximate records. If the search result is less than 3000 or so then
all the resuklts
are shown page by page.

   Hence I would like to know is there any MySQL buffer settings that needs to be done at
the server side
when the mysql server is running or there is some other problem ???

 The second problem I am facing is when I am trying to dump a text data within a table
which is of nearing
20KB, the data is not imported in the table. The same data can be dumped out of the table
but when inserted
back in a new table of the same structure then data is not imported.

Please help me with these problem, as I was not getting this kind of problem in the
earlier MySQL 3.21

Thanks in advance


MySQL 3.23.10 Helpravi21 Oct