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From:Paul Cadach Date:January 28 2001 6:43am
Subject:Re: MySQL parallel server [long mail]
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From: Michael Widenius <monty@stripped>
To: Denis Pithon <denis.pithon@stripped>
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Sent: Saturday, January 27, 2001 10:48 PM
Subject: MySQL parallel server [long mail]


> Denis> Wait a couple of seconds, do a new select and you
can obtain the good
> Denis> result in both !  If you process a new insert with
another server, it
> Denis> don't crush the last inserted row and you see both
rows with a select
> Denis> (even if you had 0 (NULL) before)...  And if you
create and insert
> Denis> with the same servers the others nodes seens the
new row !  Strange
> Denis> isn't it ? Moreover, the table check is often
annoying by these
> Denis> inserts. It tells me things like this for the
servers which don't do
> Denis> the insert:
> Denis>    Size of datafile is: 0         Should be: 25
> Denis> Which is wrong, index file, data file, both or none
> The above just means that when mysqld did a stat of the
file, it got
> back 0.  The header in the .index file however tells us
there should
> be 25 bytes in the file.
> Can you try to use 'ls' to see where the problem could be?

Known bug in Linux's NCPFS produces this situation (I found
it when had crashed FoxPro's index files stored at Netware
3.12 fileserver). Possible fix (without patching kernel's
NCPFS code) - use lseek(fd, 0, SEEK_END) instead of stat()
to get file size. But my kernel's patch also available for
2.0.x and 2.2.x source tree.


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