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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 26 2001 6:04pm
Subject:Re: building MySQL on OpenBSD with --enable-assembler
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>>>>> "Tobias" == Tobias Oberstein <Tobias.Oberstein@stripped> writes:

Tobias> Hello,
Tobias> NOTE. All tests from the _mysql-test_ dir run successfully (except
Tobias> the one's related to Master-Slave replication), that are 94 tests.
>> This could be a timing issue;  We have fixed one case like this for
>> 3.23.33...
>> What error did you get?
>> Did you have any error messages in the log files under var?

Tobias> I've rerun the complete compilation from scratch again. The
Tobias> somewhat lengthy protocol can be found in here ..


Tobias> It includes the configure, make, make install, .. and test outputs as
Tobias> well as var/log,err files. Hope the length doesn't annoy you, but I
Tobias> tried to provide as much usuable info I could get ..

Tobias> If there is something missing regarding the replication tests or which
Tobias> I should try, just let me know. I will provide it.

Tobias> The patched versions are included.

I have now added your patched version of longlong2str to the MySQL

I checked your log file and it looks like you had a replication thread
from the previous run running at the time you did 'mysql-test-run' the
first time.

After killing this, you did never try to again start a full test.

Could you please try to do 'cd mysql-test ; mysql-run-all-tests'
and when the rplxxxx test fails, just make a new tar file if the files
you have in the 'var' directory.

It would also be interesting to get a 'mysqladmin proc' on both the
slave and the master MySQL server.


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