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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 26 2001 4:20pm
Subject:SEC_TO_TIME bug?
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To this mailing list we only accept full repeatable bug reports
as defined in the MySQL manual.

A complete bug report is done in the following manner:

1) First check the reference manual and the mail archive !
   We try very hard to keep the manual up to date so most questions
   can usually be solved by looking it up.

   Write in the mail that you have checked the reference manual and
   mail archive so others know that you have tried to solve the
   problem yourself.

2) ALWAYS use mysqlbug when posting questions about a MySQL version
   you are using!  mysqlbug is for bug reports AND questions.

3) Send the bug report to the right mailing list.
   (See If you are unsure
   you should use mysql@stripped

4) Include a full example for the problem, including a full test case
   with all responses/error messages.

>>>>> "Patrik" == Patrik Wallstrom <pawal@stripped> writes:

Patrik> I am puzzled by a certain SQL statement I make on a data set I have.
Patrik> The first SQL statement delivers the correct result, like this (with and
Patrik> without SEC_TO_TIME):


Patrik> This happens on two out of some thousand entries in my queries... Is this
Patrik> related to the TIME_TO_SEC bug that was in 3.23.22?

Patrik> This is on version 3.23.28. (I will upgrade to 3.23.32 asap, but will
Patrik> that fix this bug?)

I don't think upgrading from 3.23.28 will fix the bug, as we are not
aware of theis problem.

If you can upload xVCD and sonoxexternal.Song to with a description of your
problem, we will fix this, if it's really a bug!

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