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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 20 2002 11:21pm
Subject:POOLED experiment results
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>>>>> "roberto" == roberto  <Roberto@stripped> writes:

roberto> Hi to all,
roberto> I have builded a beta object for mysql pooling.

roberto> The results (with 1000 queries serialized) are still very good:

roberto> without pooling a simple SELECT and retrieving data need of around 16 msecs:
roberto> ~63 queries for second (only)
roberto> with pooling a simple SELECT and retrieving data (same previous routine)
roberto> need of 1.17 msecs: ~850 queries for second
roberto> (on a celeron2 1000 Mhz).Consider that the profiler isn't real timing...more
roberto> probably the 850 qxsecond can be higher without debugging code.


roberto> I have set the timeout on 86400 seconds (1 day),

Which timeout variable is this ?

roberto> does Mysql accept this high number as timeout ???

Most timeout is in seconds and stored in an integer; In this case this
timeout should be ok.

roberto> Please if someone know the my_sql_option options, can suggest me if this
roberto> setting can be right?

If this is the 'connect_timeout' variable, to mysql_options() this
only affects the initial connection to the server, not how long the
connections stays up (which is the server 'wait_timeout' variable).

The wait_timeout value can be set to several years, if you so desire...