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From:Christoph Rupp Date:June 30 2016 5:58am
Subject:Re: running mysql-test-suite with a custom storage engine
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adding --mysqld=--plugin_load=... works.

Thanks for your help!

2016-06-29 15:42 GMT+02:00 Bjorn Munch <bjorn.munch@stripped>:
> On 29/06 12.06, Christoph Rupp wrote:
>> I'm trying to run the mysql-test-suite with my storage engine. I'm
>> following the instructions in mysql-test-suite/suite/engine/README and
>> start the suite like this:
>> perl ./ --suite=engines/funcs
>> --mysqld=--default-storage-engine=upscaledb
>> However, all tests fail because my storage engine cannot be loaded:
>> 2016-06-28T10:57:42.326031Z 0 [ERROR] Unknown/unsupported storage
>> engine: upscaledb
> If it's s plugin, you will also need to tell mysql-test-run how to
> instruct the server to load the plugin. This is done by adding an
> entry to mysql-test/include/plugin.defs (see the comments in that
> file). Then your test needs a <test>-master.opt file with the server
> options, see e.g. the test mysql-test/t/plugin_auth-master.opt for an
> example.
> But if you want this to apply to an existing test suite then I think
> you can best do this by adding those --plugin_dir= and --plugin_load=
> as additional --mysqld= arguments. You have can multiple --mysqld=
> arguments to MTR.
> - Bjorn Munch
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