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From:Mansour Al Akeel Date:June 6 2015 11:33am
Subject:Re: UDF to access OLD and NEW from trigger
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In postgres we can use OLD and NEW in a trigger to get hstore values.
I want to get the same values without knowing the fields of  the table
in advance.

Please see

On Fri, Jun 5, 2015 at 9:27 PM, shawn <> wrote:
> On 6/5/2015 7:53 AM, Mansour Al Akeel wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am searching the possibility to write a UDF that needs access to all
>> the fields before and after an update of a record.
>> The function needs to convert this record to a CSV.
>> OLD and NEW keywords inside a trigger access the fields values only if
>> they are known in advance.
>> For example ( I can not access the whole record or convert it
>> to a CSV as if (OLD.*).
>> Is there a way in mysql to convert the values of a record without
>> knowing its fields name (OLD and NEW) inside a trigger to a CSV ?
>> Thank you.
> The OLD and NEW psuedo tables only exist inside of Triggers. To pass those
> values to a function, you need to pass those fields individually as
> parameters.  This should be easy as every trigger is created uniquely per
> table and when you create the trigger you already know the columns on the
> table.
> What exactly are you attempting to accomplish with your UDF? There may be
> easier ways to go about it.
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