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From:Claudia Isabel Nunez Robinson Date:October 17 2013 5:21am
Subject:K-means clustering using native functions
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I'm new working with the mysql code and have couple of questions I hope the members of
this mailing list can help me to answer.

I would like to implement a k-mean clustering function in mysql using the native functions
in mysql. In order to assign an element/tuple to a cluster, I need to do some
pre-computations using all the tuples in a given table. I know that due to the atomicity
property, this is probably very hard to achieve using native functions. 

So, my question is, is it possible to access/read all the tuples in a table from a native
function? If the answer is yes, can you point me to a current function that does this (I
haven't found any so far). If the answer is no, could you recommend another right way of
doing this? 

Thanks for your kind reply,


K-means clustering using native functionsClaudia Isabel Nunez Robinson17 Oct
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