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From:Laurynas Biveinis Date:June 19 2013 10:14am
Subject:Was mysql-5.1.69 re-tagged in bzr?
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5.1$ bzr tags | grep mysql-5.1.69
mysql-5.1.69         3997
mysql-5.1.69-retag   3960

Can someone explain the actual meaning of these two tags? At revno
3997, says 5.1.70, so I assume it is the
mysql-5.1.69-retag which corresponds to the actual 5.1.69 release
sources, is it correct?

If yes, was there a particular reason to create a second tag with a
non-canonical name instead of recreating the first tag at the correct
location? Would it be possible to get a heads-up on this mailing list
if such tagging occurs again?

Was mysql-5.1.69 re-tagged in bzr?Laurynas Biveinis19 Jun
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