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From:Zardosht Kasheff Date:February 21 2013 4:20am
Subject:Are handlerton->commit calls serialized in MySQL 5.6?
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Hello all,

In, I learned quite a bit about
MySQL 5.6 replication, but also saw something interesting that I would
like to learn more about.

As covered in that thread, handlerton->commit calls made with
thd->durability_properties set to HA_IGNORE_DURABILITY means the
enginecan ignore the durability requirements of commits.

However, I also saw that such calls are serialized under some global
mutex. Is this accurate? Is this mutex a MySQL mutex or an InnoDB
mutex? If so, how is concurrency affected? Is this any different than
how MySQL 5.5 behaves?

Are handlerton->commit calls serialized in MySQL 5.6?Zardosht Kasheff21 Feb