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From:Mr. Left Date:February 10 2013 4:12pm
Subject:when propagate_cond_constants will be called?
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Hi, all
Is there anyone can tell me when the function propagate_cond_constants() will be
really used? Cause I found after the build_equal_items(), all Item_func::EQ_FUNC
are transformed to Item_func::MULT_EQUAL_FUNC.
And the example in mysql internals Constant Propagation, just refer
to propagate_cond_constants(), but all translate are really finished
in build_equal_items().

So I want to know when the function propagate_cond_constants() will really work? It's
kind of you to supply an example.
Thank you very much.
when propagate_cond_constants will be called?Mr. Left10 Feb
  • Re: when propagate_cond_constants will be called?Øystein Grøvlen11 Feb