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From:Bjorn Munch Date:February 6 2013 9:09am
Subject:Re: source does not compile
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On 06/02 09.28, Marc Alff wrote:
> To build 5.5, you should use the 5.5 documentation, not 5.1.
> The build system changed from configure to cmake.

I'm pretty sure this happened *after* 5.5.0 so would not apply here.

> Also, are you sure you want to use version 5.5.0 ?
> MySQL 5.5 achieved General Availability (GA) status with MySQL
> 5.5.8, which was released for production use on 3 December 2010.
> so 5.5.0 is not GA code.

Right, 5.5.0 is not what you want to run. If it really is 5.5.0 you

To the OP: BTW, it looks like you removed the actual error message
from your email so we can't see what is the problem.

It would also help if you mention what OS and compiler version you are

- Bjorn Munch
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