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From:Sveta Smirnova Date:December 27 2012 9:22pm
Subject:Re: [PATCH] use fallocate to create table
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Dear Toshikuni,

On 12/26/12 09:41, Toshikuni Fukaya wrote:
> I'm sorry to send a wrong patch.
> I attached correct one.
> Regards,
> Toshikuni Fukaya
>> Dear all,
>> I made a patch for MySQL 5.5.28 to speed up InnoDB table space creation.
>> I noticed that there are slow I/Os (consisting of many zero-fill writes
>> and syncs) when creating tables.

Thank you very much for the patch!

>> Linux kernels have the fallocate(2) system call, which guarantees that a
>> given file region is zeroed and yields a performance improvement on
>> supporting file systems.
>> I measured a 10% speed up in table space creation in our application.
>> Could you please accept my patch? If there is anything further I should
>> do for this patch, please advise me.

We evaluated this option internally and, unfortunately, results were not 
conclusive, so we decided not to implement the patch.

But we still really appreciate your efforts.

Best regards,
Sveta Smirnova.

>> Regards,
>> Toshikuni Fukaya

Sveta Smirnova, Principal Technical Support Engineer, Russia
MySQL @ Oracle, Moscow, Russia,
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