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From:Michael Widenius Date:December 9 2012 11:34pm
Subject:Re: forking mysql (contribution)
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>>>>> "Konstantin" == Konstantin Osipov <kostja@stripped>
> writes:

Konstantin> * Stewart Smith <stewart@stripped> [12/12/06 10:32]:
>> I'd also point you at lp:maria for MariaDB and lp:percona-server for
>> Percona Server[*]. Both of these branches/forks tend to take patches a
>> lot quicker than Oracle does for their MySQL tree.
>> [*] I work for Percona.

Konstantin> Hi Stewart,

Konstantin> yes, thanks, I am in process of submission to all branches. 

Konstantin> I'm just having hard time figuring out the merge links between
Konstantin> forks -- ideally, if these merge links were reliable, it would be
Konstantin> enough to submit to MySQL/Oracle, and then wait till the patch
Konstantin> gets to Percona and MariaDB. But I'm no longer sure MariaDB is
Konstantin> merging with MySQL (am I wrong?), so I'm submitting to all.

MariaDB is merge with MySQL every month.

For MySQL 5.6 we will do the merge in 3 passes (to MariaDB 10.0, 10.1,
10.2), as we want to re-implement several of the MySQL 5.6 features
with different, more efficient implementations.

If you want the feature in MariaDB 10.0, please submit it to MariaDB
too; We are happy to work with you to ensure MariaDB gets the best
possible implementation possible of your new feature!


PS: Nice to see that you are coding on MySQL/MariaDB again!
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