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From:Joerg Bruehe Date:November 13 2012 9:34am
Subject:Re: wondering about mysql_install_db in mysql-5.6.8-rc
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Hi everybody!

Sorry, some mail changes broke my subscription to this list.  :(
A colleague forwarded the question to me, but my reply will have lost
the thread - I hope you can still relate it.

Rich Prohaska <prohaska@stripped> wrote:
> Hello,
> I noticed that mysql_install_db is a perl script in mysql-5.6.8-rc on
> linux.  In 5.6.7-rc, it was a shell script.  Both the shell and perl
> variants of this script are included in the source.  Why was this
> change made?

Of "mysql_install_db", there is both a shell and a Perl variant since
long. Until 5.6.7-rc, the shell variant was included on Unix binary
packages, and the Perl variant in Windows ones.

However, the Perl variant was barely used, because there is the separate
installer on Windows. So it went undetected that the Perl variant lacked
some changes which were applied to the shell variant, two scripts that
were meant to do the same effectively diverged.

Clearly, this needed to be corrected - and the Perl variant should not
be dropped, for those Windows users that could not use the separate
Also, more functionality was needed in "mysql_install_db", which could
be implemented in Perl better than in shell.

Because of this, it was decided to add the missing changes to the Perl
variant and to implement the new functions ("--random-passwords") in the
Perl variant only.

Currently, the shell variant has not yet been removed, in case some
subtle problem would still show up in the Perl variant.
However, I expect this cleanup will soon follow, and the shell variant
will be removed for clarity's sake (and to protect against fixing the
wrong one).

Do you ask out of curiosity, or are there any usage differences for you?

Jörg Brühe

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