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From:Abhishek Varshney Date:October 29 2012 10:05am
Subject:getting NULL value in uchar * buf in write_row(uchar *buf)
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I am trying to write a custom storage engine. I have successfully
implemented the create(), store_lock(), open() and rnd_init()
functions following the guidelines from example storage engine. My
implementation also more or less looks the same as in example storage
engine. Now I wish to implement the write_row() function.
After successfully creating a table (through create table statement),
I am trying to get uchar * buf from write_row(), but buf points to
NULL every time I try to debug this function. Also table->record[0]
also gives NULL. Please help.

Abhishek Varshney
getting NULL value in uchar * buf in write_row(uchar *buf)Abhishek Varshney29 Oct