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From:Shawn Green Date:October 8 2012 1:47pm
Subject:Fwd: Re: Structure of Binary Log
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Forwarding to "Internals" to figure out which list the OP is really 
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Subject: Re: Structure of Binary Log
Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2012 09:35:14 -0400
From: Shawn Green <>
Organization: Oracle Corporation
To: replication@stripped

On 10/8/2012 8:06 AM, Nuno Rebocho wrote:
> Hello,
>   I am a student of Masters and to final project I am planning to
>   develop a robust tools for data recovery from the log file of mySQL,
>   but for that I need to navigate this.
>   I wonder where I can find information about the structure of the log
>   file and how can I read (without mysqlbinlog). In the MySQL
>   documentation I can not find this information specifies.
>   Thank you,
>   PS-Sorry if the email is received repeated emails to inform but some
>   flaws in reception

For a graduate student in college, you have not impressed me with your
research skills.

a) MySQL is open source. As you appear to be somewhat proficient in
programming, perhaps you should refer to that and the comments it contains?

b) Google is your friend. I looked for a simple phrase, "mysql binary
log strutcure" and I quickly found many resources OTHER then the general
usage manual that have more details about how the binary log is structured.

(hint: check out the 2nd response - the INTERNALS manual)

You should be very happy I am not going to grade your final project.
There are potentially several flaws with I think you propose to do.
Finding those flaws are left as an exercise for the student (hint:
understand what it is that gets written into the binary logs and the
steps required to initialize replication) .  We (the list) will be
pleased to review your findings and provide additional guidance.

(another hint: point-in-time-recovery)

Best of luck!

Shawn Green
MySQL Principal Technical Support Engineer
Oracle USA, Inc. - Hardware and Software, Engineered to Work Together.
Office: Blountville, TN

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