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From:tomas ulin Date:August 17 2012 7:19pm
Subject:Re: BZR trees for current MySQL releases
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Please be patient, it is coming.  5.5.27 should be up now.

BR, Tomas

On 2012-08-17 04:03, Stewart Smith wrote:
> Hi all,
> Like many of you, I'm disappointed that the bzr trees for MySQL are out
> of sync with the tarball source and binary releases from Oracle.
> Since Oracle has been silent on this, and this is a recurring problem,
> I've decided to attempt to help the situation.
> I've created the following bzr trees:
> lp:percona-server/upstream-5.0
> lp:percona-server/upstream-5.1
> lp:percona-server/upstream-5.5
> lp:percona-server/upstream-5.6
> These are going to be exact mirrors of the lp:mysql-server trees, except
> where the lp:mysql-server trees lag behind or differ in some
> indeterminate way from what has been released as Oracle MySQL - in which
> case we'll import the latest released source tarball.
> These trees have *NOTHING AT ALL* from Percona Server, they are simply
> straight MySQL, as you would download from Oracle or (at least
> previously) from the bzr trees hosted on launchpad.
> For example, right now, the 5.1 tree differs as MySQL 5.1.65 has been
> released but the last tagged release in the lp:mysql-server/5.1 tree is
> MySQL 5.1.63.
> For cases such as this, I have imported the MySQL source tarball into
> the appropriate lp:percona-server/upstream-X tree and will reconcile it
> with the Oracle lp:mysql-server/X tree if/when that becomes available.
> The 5.6 tree also differs, as MySQL 5.6.6-m9 has been
> released but the BZR tree is somewhere after MySQL 5.6.5 (and since I
> cannot be sure that lp:mysql-server is actually still pointing to 5.6
> and not an internal 5.7 tree, I've created it based off of the tagged
> mysql 5.6.5 release).
> Basically, for those who make use of BZR trees of MySQL be it for
> building, making binary packages for distributions, working on your
> internal branch or fork, these lp:percona-server/upstream-X trees will
> always be usable - and quickly.
> I'll update them to the latest MySQL release as soon as humanly
> possible - hopefully within a day or two of Oracle making a new release
> announcement. Percona will have paid resources ensuring that this is
> kept up to date for at least as long as it is useful for us.
> The only reason they sit under lp:percona-server/upstream-X instead of
> some other project on Launchpad is that I couldn't think of any better
> place to put them or a project name that I wouldn't have to talk to a
> trademark lawyer about.
> It is well within the rights of Oracle to *not* publish a BZR tree at
> all. What stings is the lack of communication.
> I hope this helps others, and I'm quite sad that I've had to do this.

BZR trees for current MySQL releasesStewart Smith17 Aug
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