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From:Sergei Golubchik Date:August 9 2012 11:16am
Subject:test cases?
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Looking at the changes between mysql-5.5.25 and mysql-5.5.27,
I noticed that while it contains quite a few bug fixes, they all come
without test cases.

What would that be - a change in policy? Careless developers?

On the other hand, 5.5.27 contains a change to mysql-test-run to look
for test cases in the new directory, named "internal".

May be all new tests are there? That is, tests are no longer

Whatever the reason is - everyone, who modifies MySQL (all linux
distributions, facebook, twitter, taobao, and many others) have
just lost the ability to test their extensions.

Could anyone from Oracle shed some light on this?
Where did the new test cases go?


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