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From:Yves Trudeau Date:March 7 2012 2:38am
Subject:Re: have_query_cache and query_cache_type
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   this is a compile option, the variable have_query_cache
is there to illustrate if the current binary has been compiled with the 
query cache or not.



On 12-03-06 06:32 PM, Revathi Rangachari wrote:
> Hi
> (1)  Under what circumstances the have_query_cache can become 'NO'.
> (2)  Is it possible to set it as 'YES'. When I tried to do that I get error message
> as - ERROR HY000: Variable 'have_query_cache' is a read only variable
> (3) If have_query_cache is 'NO' and if I enable query_cache_type and set
> query_cache_size TO 128MB, will the queries be read from the query cache?
> Thanks
> Revathi R
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