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From:Revathi Rangachari Date:February 23 2012 5:54pm
Subject:memcache vs.query_cache
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(1) If memcache is available  - in an apache-php-mysql environment, does enabling or
disabling of query_cache_type in mysql configuration, matter in improving performance? 

(2) If memcache is enabled and also query_cache_type is enabled, will both cache mechanism
work or does one take precedence over the other, in serving requests.

(2) I just wanted to understand how these variables query_cache_type, tmp_table_size,
max_heap_table_size, memory temporary tables influence each other?

In a replicated environment where query_cache_type is enabled and the tmp_table_size
(64MB) and max_heap_table_size ( 1GB) the number of memory temporary tables created over a
period of half-an-hour is around 2000.

Whereas if query_cache_type is disabled and the tmp_table_size(64 MB) and
max_heap_table_size 91 GB) the number of temporary tables created over a period of
half-an-hour is around 6000.

Can anyone please let me know what would be the explanation for the above? 
Should I bring down values of tmp_table_size and max_heap_table_size?

Revathi R

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