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From:Sergei Golubchik Date:February 22 2012 3:30pm
Subject:Re: re: MySQL Audit Function
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Hi, Michael!

On Feb 21, Michael Widenius wrote:
> >>>>> "Aruna" == Aruna Karunarathna <sujithucsc@stripped>
> writes:
> > I think that MySQL database is suffers from lacking a proper Audit
> > Functionality.
> > I would like to contribute in a way to enable a better audit trail.
> > Are there any suggestions or a particular group I should added to?
> Serg, can you answer the above to Aruna Karunarathna
> <sujithucsc@stripped>.
> You know the audit plugin better than anyone else at MP...

There's not much to say - Antony (who implemented the audit interface,
by the way :), has already replied.

But anyway: Aruna, there is "Audit Interface" in the MySQL. It allows
to write "audit plugins". These plugins can subscribe to certain "audit
events" and do whatever they want (for example, log them to a file).

There are only few audit events. They were supposed to be added as
needed. So if you need to audit something that is not covered by the
currently implemented audit events, you've free to suggest more audit
events to be added. And provide a patch that adds them, if you'd like.

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