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From:Hiromichi Watari Date:December 19 2011 11:08pm
Subject:Re: Can't link custom library
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Hi Vladislav,
Thank you for your reply.
My method should have worked but CXXFLAGS (including -lfoo) are put into c++ command line
before target object hence functions in foo didn't get picked up.
I am not very familiar with cmake but obviously your approach is much better.

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Subject: RE: Can't link custom library

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> Subject: Can't link custom library
> Hi,
> I can't link my custom library with cmake (mysql 5.5), has anyone seen
this ?
> I ended up adding the library file into link.txt after cmake creates it as
> workaround.

This is very basic CMake. If you link foo to something, add
TARGET_LINK_LIBRARY(something foo) to CMakeLists.txt  after "something" is
For statically built plugins it is done automatically. Anything else needs
TARGET_LINK_LIBRARY. What is the purpose of the linking your custom library
(and with what would you like to link it?) 

> Thanks,
> Hiromichi
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> CXXFLAGS="-L/my_lib_dir -lfoo"
> export CXXFLAGS
> cmake .
> // modify link.txt as a workaround
> make
> --
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