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From:Haihao Tang Date:March 3 2011 2:16am
Subject:about change of slave
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  In Master-Slave environment, I want to make the slave be a
intermediate transit point. The slave pulls relay-log from binlog of
the master, and then not only redo relay-log but also send the data
(insert, update and etc data from master) to defined module. I have
three bule print about it:
1. Create a new UDF. With the help of trigger, when slave insert,
update and delete rows, the trigger will call UDF to send the data;
2. Modify the SQL thread of slave. SQL thread send the data, instead
of redoing the SQL statment;
3. Add some code into specified storage engine to obtain the data and send it.

I think the first is the best, since it can be a plugin.
Do you have any suggestions?

Best regards,


about change of slaveHaihao Tang3 Mar
  • Re: about change of slaveSergei Golubchik20 Mar