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From:Magnus Blåudd Date:March 2 2011 9:20am
Subject:Re: condition pushdown
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Hi August,

check out sql/ in MySQL Cluster 7.0, it makes use 
of the condition pushdown interface and should serve as a good example.

Best regards
Magnus Blåudd

On 02/28/2011 09:06 PM, AugustQ wrote:
> Hi Olav,
> thanks for your fast reply. It could happen that I'm slower in
> responding, sorry.
> I will look into your reply more deeply in the next days and then will
> come back.
> AugustQ
> PS: in my example I returned the function-parameter because I've read
> that one could NULL those parts of the query that were handled by the
> storage-engine and let the upper layer do the rest.
> And, in the first step, I only want to look into the condition.
> Somewhere there must be a pointer to the column-name, a hint to the
> comparison-operator and the value, which I didn't find.
> OK, I will give it another try.
> Am Sonntag, den 27.02.2011, 22:51 +0100 schrieb Olav Sandstaa:
>> Hi AugustQ,
>> On 02/27/2011 08:54 PM, AugustQ wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> how can I enable condition pushdown?
>>> This is my first question here on this list. I'm working as a
>>> software-developer for quite some time and currently I am working in a
>>> DWH-project here in Germany.
>>> I found these sources: mysql-5.5.0-m2
>>> and got it to compile and work here on my machine (Ubuntu 64bit).
>>> After some reading (books from Hutchings/Golubchik and Pachev) I decided
>>> to play a bit with storage engines, so I wrote my tiny storage engines
>>> (which work, so the basics are understood, at least in parts).
>>> The next topic I wanted to play with is condition pushdown but I had no
>>> luck until now.
>>> In mysql I can do
>>>       set engine_condition_pushdown=1
>>> and got a result OK.
>>> When I enter
>>>       explain select * from prob_alt where rv_nr = '12345678'\G
>>> I can only see 'using where', nothing more.
>>> I've set a breakpoint to the following piece of code:
>>>       const COND * ha_dbf::cond_push(const COND *cond)
>>>       {
>>>           myCond = (COND *)cond;
>>>           return cond;
>>>       };
>> I think it would be more correct if you returned NULL from this
>> function. The intention is that ::cond_push() should return the part of
>> the condition that the storage engine will not evaluate. So when you
>> return the original condition the server assumes that the storage engine
>> did not want to handle this condition. See the following comment about
>> the return value in sql/handler.h:
>>      @return
>>        The 'remainder' condition that caller must use to filter out records.
>>        NULL means the handler will not return rows that do not match the
>>        passed condition.
>> You can also have a look at the following code in sql/
>> where the condition is pushed to the storage engine:
>>             /* Push condition to storage engine if this is enabled
>>                and the condition is not guarded */
>>         if (thd->variables.optimizer_switch&
>>             {
>>               COND *push_cond=
>>                 make_cond_for_table(tmp, tab->table->map,
> tab->table->map);
>>               if (push_cond)
>>               {
>>                 /* Push condition to handler */
>>                 if (!tab->table->file->cond_push(push_cond))
>>                   tab->table->file->pushed_cond= push_cond;
>>               }
>>             }
>> This shows that if the ::cond_push() function returns anything else than
>> NULL then the handler::pushed_cond will not get set. This is the
>> variable that is checked by explain to determine if it should print
>> "Using where with pushed condition" or just print "Using where".
>>> Looking at the cond-var I do not see anything meaningful, mostly
>>> NULL-Ptrs.
>> If you see your ::cond_push() function being called then this is a good
>> sign that engine condition pushdown is enabled.
>>> I assume that condition pushdown is disabled by default. So what do I
>>> have to do to enable it?
>> In the MySQL 5.5 codebase engine condition pushdown should be enabled by
>> default so you should not have to do anything to enable it. See
>> documentation:
>> Best regards,
>> Olav

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