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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 25 2001 3:08pm
Subject:OS/2 Patches for 3.23.32
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>>>>> "Yuri" == Yuri Dario <mc6530@stripped> writes:

Yuri> Hi,
Yuri> just uploaded patch.3.23.32.os2 to

Yuri> Made following changes to code:

Yuri> needs LIBTOOL_WIN32_DLL to correctly configure libtool,
Yuri> forgot to remove ps&kill changes
Yuri> my_sys.h: previous F_*LK definitions no longer needed with latest
Yuri> compiler enviroment
Yuri> ltconfig: enabled DLL support for OS/2
Yuri> as above. Should I send them to libtool maintainer?

Yes, please!

Yuri> my_getwd.c: added support for drive letters
Yuri> fixed cast for function prototype.

Already fixed in our code.

Yuri> requires io.h to compile.
Yuri> log_event.h: removes write macro used by pthread emulation (conflict
Yuri> with C++ members)
Yuri> mysqld.c: removed commented (old) code
Yuri> alarm_buff is used also for OS/2, thr_got_alarm invoked
Yuri> with wrong parameter type.

Yuri> That's all :-))


I will apply this today to the current 3.23 tree!

OS/2 Patches for 3.23.32Michael Widenius25 Jan