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From:Kristian Nielsen Date:November 5 2010 8:55pm
Subject:Re: Removal of the autotools-based build system
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Davi Arnaut <davi.arnaut@stripped> writes:

> Good idea, although I think some of the tools need the version string
> before the make files are generated.

Yes, agree.

> There is a ./configure emulation already, but its not perfect and I'm
> inclined to remove it. Package related scripts should definitely be
> made aware of cmake in order to fully exploit it. Also, otherwise, we
> would need to keep updating the emulation script. Another point is
> that with cmake there was also a change of install layout, so
> intervention will be necessary in any case.
> What do you think? Keep or remove?

I'm not sure. Personally I don't see much need to keep the emulation layer
around. As you say, other changes will be needed anyway, so better just spend
the effort on the native CMake.

I think the main usefulness of the emulation layer is having done it, to check
that everyting in the old system has a counterpart in the new (to reasonable
degree ...), and showing how to map between them.

It might be useful to convert the emulation layer into a documentation file
describing for each old autoconf option how (and if) the same effect is
obtained with CMake.

"Vladislav Vaintroub" <vladislav.vaintroub@stripped> writes:

> This will emulate it pretty closely
> ADD_CUSTOM_TARGET(show-dist-name
> )

Ok, cool, thanks!

 - Kristian.