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From:Kristian Nielsen Date:November 5 2010 1:42pm
Subject:Re: Removal of the autotools-based build system
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Davi Arnaut <davi.arnaut@stripped> writes:

> - Do you maintain tools/scripts that rely on autotools-specific files?

In MariaDB, we have an extra makefile target:

    $ make show-dist-name

(This is used eg. by packaging scripts so they don't have to guess the name of
source tarballs or try to parse etc).

> - If yes, which files and what kind of information is being extracted?

This is done in as follows:

            @echo "$(PACKAGE)-$(VERSION)"

Probably there is a way to do something similar for CMake. In any case, some
easy way to extract this would be useful, probably also apart from MariaDB.

> One important aspect is that this removal will break third-party tools

I suppose the main breakage will be all the distros that package mysql. Unless
there is ./configure emulation that is sufficiently good for package scripts
not to notice?

Thanks for announcing this openly btw. Things will break, but in the end,
having just one build system will be a big improvement.

 - Kristian.